• Our efforts are in line with the agenda of recently held COP26 summit in Glasgow last November and India’s commitment to achieve 500 GW from Non-Fossil Energy Sources and meet 50% of total requirement from Renewable Sources.

  • Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi have pledged to cut down India's projected carbon emission by 1 billion tonnes by 2030. Reduce the emission intensity of the nation's economy by less than 45% by the end of this decade. Also to net-zero carbon emissions by 2070.


When it comes to addressing climate change, solar energy is one of the leading solutions.

Floating Solar Systems are kind of solar power plant that floats on water. It can be adapted for pond, lake, reservoirs, etc. Solar panels are affixed on buoyant structures, keeping them afloat on the water body surface. Floating solar is an eco-friendly method of producing electricity. It combines marine and renewable energy technology.

We offer the below mentioned  services towards the design & Installation of Floating Solar power plant.

  • Project Management Consultancy.
  • Design and Engineering of the floats and barge
  • Identification of construction Material as per Marine Standards.
  • Structural Analysis of the platforms to place the Electrical Equipments.
  • Outfitting Items as per Marine Standards eg. Anchoring & Mooring, Bollards, Lightening arresters, Fire extinguishers, Fenders etc
  • Technical support for conducting all surveys, material tests, assembly & dismantling the structure, packing and loading of the structure.


  • Ambition Marine Services is proud of unveiling 'AMBIGreen', a 14-feet Solar Electric Catamaran designed and developed by AMS.

  • Our objective is to reduce the emissions and provide a sustainable and long-term solution to the current Global climatic change. Nonetheless, a commercially viable and cost-effective initiative for the end-users. We are coming up with lots of unique projects in the near future.

    In the interest of broader aspects 'AMBIGreen' is set to have the first step towards transition to Clean Energy and to support the global cause of Climate change.

The electric powered boat is designed for IV operations and serve the industries in Leisure and recreational activities and not limited to this, but many more.