ambition marine services

What We Offer

  • We offer wide range of services from Concept to Basic Design, Ship Conversion & Repair, Hydrostatics & Stability Calculations, Heavy Lift Planning & FE Analysis and Offshore Design & Analysis.
  • We have a team of experts for FE Analysis for Ships & Offshore Structures using software like Ansys etc.
  • We provide Onsite Assistance, Project Supervision and Project Management Consultancy.

Concept and basic design

The requirements of the clients are totally understood and the scope of the project is explained and clarified to the Owner so that there is clarity right at the outset of the project.

The project is planned in a sequential manner based on the requirements right from design conception to the delivery stage. This leads to the timely completion of the project and it is done in a professional manner through an efficient process leading to an optimum design.

Vessel Conversion and Repair

  • Our professionals are capable of assisting vessel owners with Hull Modifications, Vessel Conversion and Vessel Repairs utilizing the experience of our core team.

  • This is done by thoroughly to understanding the design and then making the necessary changes with maximum optimization in mind.

Hydrostatics and Stability

We perform hydrostatic and stability calculations at the beginning of the project, which helps in ensuring the vessel is stable, which is paramount for it to operate.

Modifications may be necessitated if it does not have adequate stability. This process validates the design right at the outset.Requirements and criteria for the stability of every vessel is ensured by complying with the Rules laid down by the Classification Societies or the Flag States.

Detailed Designs

  • We provide highly accurate detailed production drawings of the vessel to bridge the gap between the approved basic design and the final production of the vessel at the yard facility.

  • When it comes to design,we support our clients through and through.

Structural Analysis

Structural analysis is the determination of the effects of loads on physical structures and their components. Structural analysis helps in ensuring the optimum scantling, which helps in lowering the lightship weight.

This leads to reduction in cost. It helps in efficiently designing the structure and leads to a savings in time. All of the above benefits the Owners.

Ballast Water Managment System

  • Feasibility study for integrating the system in ships

  • Routing the piping required for system using scanned data in 3D to minimize the interference and clash with the existing structure.

  • Generating Isometrics and spool drawings.

  • Foundation design and drawings.

  • Pressure drop calculation, short circuit calculations and other related calculations.

Onsite Assistance

Our experts are well trained in providing Onsite assistance and solutions to the client with regards to New Constructions, Vessel Conversion and Hull Repair.

We also provide other consultancy services like Sea Trials, Inclining Experiment, GMDSS Survey and Life Extension Survey.

Project Supervision

  • We provide supervision services to ensure a proper implementation of the vessel design into its construction, acting as an important role of co-ordinator between the production team and the client.

  • Our experts are well trained in providing Onsite assistance and solutions to the client with regards to New Constructions, Vessel Conversion and Hull Repair.

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